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Registered Owner: Vishal Cruises Pvt. Ltd. - India/Croatia - Beneficial owner: Unknown- Operator: Several

Nov. 2017 Alteza Cruises will start cruise operations from Buenos Aires in February 2018 with the chartered Delphin, according to a statement.
The new cruise company said the first cruise will depart on Feb. 7 from the company’s year-round homeport in Buenos Aires.
Deployment includes mini cruises in Argentina and Uruguay, to cruises visiting Brazil, Patagonia Argentina, Ushuaia, Southern Chile and Antarctica, according to a spokesperson.
The company previously had been in negotiations to charter the Med Queen for a November start, but was unable to come to an agreement.
The Delphin previously sailed for Passat Cruises, catering to the German market
Aquired end 2011 from bankruptcy of Delphin Kreuzfahrten.  The new owner is of India interest. Start operations april 2012.Vishal Cruises stop operations mid 2014. Ship lay-up  in Split Croatia

Ship is chartered by US Navy as hotelship since jan.2015. Location Viktor Lenac Shipyard-Rijeka -Croatia - Currently accommodates crew of USS Mount Whitney ended 2015

On July 31 - 2015  A fire broke out in the engine room, which could be extinguished by the crew and firefighters of the Viktor Lenac shipyard after 45 minutes.The use of the Delphin, as a floating hotel for the crew of the USS Mount Whitney, is likely to increase and not as planned completed by the end of the month.
Dec. 2012  The Delphin has been laid-up for more than a year following the insolvency of Delphin Kreuzfahrten. She is bought by Indian investor as a new operator, Passat Kreuzfahrten, has been set up to bring the ship back into operation starting in April 2012. Former Delphin sales head, and Andreas Hey, the son of former Delphin owner Heinz-Herbert Hey Andreas Hey will act as joint md of Passat Kreuzfahrten together with Yogesh Gupta.The newly established company is based in Hamburg with a branch office in Offenbach. Delphin’s maiden voyage from Venice is scheduled in early April after refurbishment at Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia. .
Oct.12-2010 German  cruise operator Delphin Kreuzfahrten has filed for insolvency after its chartered vessel, Delphin Voyager , was arrested by its Greek owner in Piraeus this week in a row over unpaid charter bills. Athens-based Restis Group, better known as a leading dry bulk and tanker owner, said it acted because of the German operator’s "failures time and time again to pay hire". Restis was chasing allegedly unpaid hire for its solitary cruise vessel amounting to €2.4m ($3.4m) as of last week.  Delphin Kreuzfahrten claims that the reconstruction of the vessel was not done as specified in the charter contract and that the owners have failed to correct these shortcomings. As a result, Delphin has cut the charter rate. In order of Restis last month the Delphin being arrested at Villefranche. Cruiseship Delphin belongs to the same German Group. Hansa Kreuzfahrten is also related to the same Group and  affected by the insolvency as well.


Entered service: 1975 - Refit: 1986/1993/1996/1911/12 - Gross tonnage:  16.214 - Pass. lower beds: 470 - All berths: 554 - Passenger decks: 7 - Length: 156,24 m. - Beam: 21,90 m. - Propulsion: 2 -18 cyl.four stroke single acting Pielstick-Wärtsilä diesel engines type: 18PC2-2V power 6625 kW. each  - 2 Controllable pitch propellers - Max. speed 20 knots -Service speed 18 knots - Built at  Wärtsilä - Finland - Yard no. 1212 - Flag: Bahamas - Classification:DNV/GL.
last refit 11/12  Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia.

Former names:  - Belorussiya (1975-1993) - Kazakhstan II (1993-1996)

Sisterships: Belorussiya class - Gruziya last name Salamis Filoxenia (still in operation)- Azerbaihzan last name Enchanted Capri (sold for scrap dec.2011)- Kazakhstan last name Sea Escape (sold for scrap oct.2011 as Adventure)-- Kareliya last name  Starry Metropolis since july 2011 (still in operation)

  Passenger Space Ratio at all berths 29,16






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