Owner: TOPAZ INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING  _  Greece  (Capt. Paris Katsoufis) Charter from 2003 to Japanese Peace boat organization charter ended 2008.

Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment.

TSS The Topaz, formerly the “Empress of Britain”, was christened by Queen Elizabeth in 1955, and began life as a cruise ship in the North Atlantic, sailing between Quebec, Greenock, Liverpool and Montreal. In 1964 she was sold to the Greek Line and after a refit was renamed “Queen Anna Maria.” After a colourful and well travelled history with several different names and cruise lines, including Carnival, Fiesta Marina and Thompson, TSS The Topaz was chartered by Peace Boat in 2003 for its future voyages.

Former names: Empress of Britain (original) - Queen Anna Maria (1965) - Carnivale (1975) and Fiesta Marina - Olympic (1994).

The Topaz bought at 2002 is one of the few steam turbine ships in operation.

Gross tonnage: 32.327 - Pass. cap. based on 2: 1050 - Passenger decks: 9 - Entered service:1956/Refit1994  - Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding - UK.
Length: 195,08 m. Beam: 26,51 m.

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