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Sept. 21-2009 SOLD TO ARTANIA SHIPPING a Phoenix Seereisen- Germany.The sale will be completed on October 6 - 2009 however  P&O Cruises will continue to operate Artemis until April 12 - 2011. All cruises until April12-2011 will be operated on schedule

Refit from Artemis to Artania:
Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven is going to refit the cruise liner Artemis as the “MS Artania” for Phoenix Reisen between 28 April and 26 May 2011. The MS Artania will have 96 new balconies and will be redesigned to suit German tastes in cruise liners.
More than five years ago Lloyd Werft refitted the “Royal Princess” as the “Artemis” for P & O and only finished updating the technology of the 1984 cruise liner last May; Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven has now brought the “Artemis” into dock again.
There is much for Lloyd Werft to do in the large Kaiserdock. 96 balconies are to be added to Decks 5 and 6, the windows of the new balcony cabins are being replaced with sliding doors, inside the new “Artania” is being redesigned to suit German tastes in cruise liners, the casino is being converted into an additional bar while the function rooms, restaurants and cabins are being renovated. An additional restaurant means that guests can be entertained in one sitting, the SPA area is being enlarged and a new Wellness area and outdoor bars are being constructed. From the outside the cruise liner will look resplendent in the Phoenix look, while overhauling work is being done on the propellers, shafts, steering systems, stabilizers and bow thrusters.

Refit  Artania:
June 2014
Artania” will arrive at Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven on September 27, and go back into service on December 6. The work centres on the complete replacement of the ship’s engine plant. Her old Pielstick Diesels Type PC4-2 are being replaced by four more efficient new Type 12V32 main engines from Wärtsilä. Four intermediate transmission units are also being installed between the existing gearing units and the new main engines. The “Artania” will also get a new Wärtsilä Type 8L32 auxiliary Diesel. The four old main engines will be removed through the opening in the hull and the new Diesels installed.
At the same time the new suppressors will be installed, the entire on-board fresh water system will be modernised and an extensive programme of steel repairs will be carried out along with the installation of balconies for 152 cabins on Decks 7 and 8. Lloyd Werft built balconies onto 96 cabins on Decks 5 and 6 during the ship’s earlier conversion in April/May 2011.The yard will also carry out extensive annual drydocking which will include regular maintenance work on the ship’s rudder plant and propellers prior to the first test of her new engine plant in the North Sea in mid November. 

Dec. 2017 The drydock work included renovation of the spa, various outdoor areas with new deck covering, and stateroom bathrooms with new bath tubs and showers. Among the public rooms that were renovated were Harry’s Bar and the Atlantik Show Lounge. Technical work on the 1984-built ship, formerly sailing as the Artemis and Royal Princess, included the installation of a state-of-the art sewage and ballast water treatment plants, as well as new tender boats.

Nov. 2019  Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven is expecting Phoenix Reisen’s Artania to arrive in its Kaiserdock II on November 17 for a stay lasting about three weeks, according to a press release.Along with routine class work more than 250 cabins will be overhauled by the owner. The Phoenix Reisen flagship is scheduled to leave the shipyard pm December 6

Registered Owner: Artania Gmbh. - Germany - Beneficial owner: Phoenix Reisen Gmbh.-Germany - Operator: Phoenix Seereisen - Germany

Entered service: 1984 – Refit: 2005/2011/2014/2017/2019 - Gross tonnage: 44.697 - Pass. lower beds: 1188 - All berths: 1260 - Outside cabins only - Passenger decks: 8 - Length: 230,61 m. - Beam: 29,20 m. - Draught: 7,8 m. - Drive since 2014: 4 diesel engines make: Wärtsilä 12V32 - 1 aux.engines Wärtsilä type 8L32 - Total installed power: 29.160 kW. - Propulsion: by 2 propellers power each 11.600  kW. - Service speed 15 knots - Max.speed 18 knots - Original Built: Wärtsilä - Helsinki- Finland - Yard no. 464 - Converted Lloyd Werft 2011 - Bremerhaven - Flag: Bermuda - Classification: LR.

Former name: Royal Princess (1984-2005 ) - Artemis (2005-2011) - Artania ( 2011-until present 

   Passenger space ratio all berths: 35.44



                                                                                                           ROYAL PRINCESS



 Artemis P&O

Brief description:
Since the "MS Artania" sails for Phoenix Reisen she went through a series of modernizations. Today it is safe to say that - though built in 1984 - she is still a modern and beautiful ship. A unique feature for a ship of this size is the fact that all staterooms are exterior cabins - inside staterooms do not exist.
With a length of 231 meters she accommodates up to 1.200 passengers. This means a lot of space per guest. In 1984 the vessel was christened "Royal Princess" by Lady Diana. Since 2011 she is named "Artania" and is Phoenix Cruises' largest ship to date.
German is the only official language used on this ship. Therefore most of the guests are from the German speaking countries. Even though there is usually personnel on board who speaks English. However no services in English (menus, tours, etc.) are provided. It is therefore strongly recommended to speak a bit of German when travelling on the MS Artania.



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