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New Name: Ola Esmeralda (sold for scrap 2013)

Nov.8-2012 Black Prince ' which was sold to a Venezulian operation in 2009 has appeared for sale on one of the ship brokers websites. Since being sold by Fred Olsen the ship has been renamed ' Ola Esmeralda ' and had operated cruise from La Guaira until about nine months ago. She is advertised for sale at US $ 2.75 million and said to be able to be moved under her own power.

Nov.16-2012 The ex. Black Prince renamed into Ola Esmeralda has ceased operations acc. to reports familair with the situation.
The ship will be sold for scrap, and is not SOLAS 2010 compliant. The company was owned by a group of Venezuelan hotel chains, and was reportedly able to buy fuel at wholesale prices from the Venezuelan government while operating in the Southern Caribbean with itineraries ranging from three- to five nights and calling at various destinations in Venezuela, along with Aruba, Curacao and Trinidad and Tobago.

Sold to Servicios Acuaticos de Venezuela CA  del. end oct.2009

Owned by: Fred Olsen Cruise Lines - UK

Former Name: From 1966 same name. Only in summers 1970 until 1985 renamed in Venus

The Black Prince is one of the oldest Cruiseships and she will be 40 years in service with Fred Olsen. Original designed as a ferry on the UK/Amsterdam-Norway route. In wintertime sailing as cruiseferry from Norway/Rotterdam to the Canary Islands. In 1986 converted to a full cruiseship and still in operation under the same name.
16.10.2008: Fred Olsen to retire Black Prince in October 2009
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has announced it will retire Black Prince in October 2009. The 441 passenger ship, which was built for the company by Flender Werft in Lubeck in 1966, will operate a series of four Farewell Cruises starting on 9th September from Liverpool, and ending on 16th October in Southampton.
When Black Prince entered service for Fred. Olsen Ltd on 19th October, 1966, it was in the role of a joint passenger/freight ferry operating between the UK and the Canary islands in the winter, and the UK and Norway in the summer. The ship was converted to a full-time cruise ship in 1987 and from February that year became a key player in the cruising market in the UK
Sold to
Servicios Acuaticos de Venezuela CA (SAVECA)  

Entered service: 1966 - Refits: 1987/2000 - Gross tonnage: 11.209 - Pass. cap. lower beds: 442 - All berths: 472 - Passenger decks: 7 - Length: 143,40 m.-  Beam: 19,60 m. - Main propulsion : 2 dieselengines make Crossley/Pielstick type 18PC2V total output 12.310 kW. - 2 Fixed pitch  propellers - Maximum speed: 20 knots - Built: Flender Werft  - Lubeck - Germany - Yard no. 561 - Classification: DNV - Flag: Bahamas

                           The Black Prince has two unusual facilities an indoor swimmingpool and a marina platform.

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