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Registered Owner: Celebrity Edge Inc. - USA - Beneficial owner: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. - USA - Operator: Celebrity Cruises - USA 

Entered service: 2018 - Gross tonnage: 130.818 - Pass. cap. lower beds: 2918 - All berths: 3373 - Passenger decks: 14 - Length: 306 m. -  Beam: 39.05 m. - Draught: 8.42 - Drive: diesel/electric: 4 diesel main engines make Wartsila  type 12V46F -total output 57.600 kW. - Propulsion: 2 ABB-Azipods drives  16 MW each - Max. speed: 22 knots - Service speed: 19 knots - Built: Chantiers de l'Atlantique (STX-France) - France - Yard no.: J34 - Flag: Malta - Classification: DNV/GL

Sisterships: Celebrity Apex (2020) - Celebrity Beyond (2021) - N/N (2022) - (2024)

 Passenger space ratio all berths:38.78 
 Passenger space ratio lower beds:44.83
Brief Description:
The new ship features a cutting-edge design developed by Nate Berkus. The unique outward facing design will distinguish the ship from traditional cruise ships. The design integrates Magic Carpet, the world’s first cantilevered floating platform. The newbuild’s onboard amenities include an innovative moving deck called The Magic Carpet, serving as a disembarkation point, dance venue, and restaurant.The Edge have a 'parabolic ultra bow. Curved rather than pointed, with the bulbous bow encapsulated, this novel shape slices through the water more efficiently and contributes to the whopping 20% greater energy efficiency per passenger day than Celebrity Cruises' Solstice-class ships. Edge will be the first in the company's fleet rated for its reduction of underwater noise, as confirmed during sea trials more than a month ago.


The ship also features the three-deck multi-purpose Eden Lounge, a Rooftop Garden playscape, the adults-only Solarium, and other public venues.
The triple-deck-high Grand Plaza was created of the Parisian design studio Jouin Manku, whose credits include the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. The Grand Plaza's centerpiece is a seven-ton chandelier illuminated by dynamic LED strips that change color from day to night. It rises over the Martini Bar, one of Celebrity's signature spots, and the Plaza also holds the first atrium cafe for the brand. Using lighting and entertainment programming, the area changes moods from morning to noon to afternoon to night and brings people together like an Italian piazza, Manku said.The Magic Carpet is a cool experience,Imagine a group for cocktails or a private dinner. People are going to be able to do amazing things there and brag "Remember when we were on the Magic Carpet?"
The Magic Carpet sprang from the desire to improve the tendering experience. In place of standard tenders/lifeboats, Edge has eight luxurious launches engineered for a quiet ride, with air conditioning and thick, blue leather seats. Passengers will embark from the spacious Deck 3 Destination Gateway onto the Magic Carpet and then the launches.
EDEN This triple-deck, glass-enclosed lounge/restaurant at the back of the ship was built on a spiral known as the Fibonacci sequence. It has a winding ramp for views of the sea and over the action in the room itself, plus a 'library of plants' where bartenders can snip fresh herbs to infuse in cocktails. It will be a chill place by day, with a cafe, that after dark turns into a hot dining/nightlife experience with some edgy elements including performance art. The glass wall on Eden makes a dramatic feature in the stern, and since the lowest level is so close to the sea and just above the Azipods, it had to be painstakingly designed for wave resistance and to ensure a low level of noise and vibration. The Theatre different from previous Celebrity ships, the Edge Theatre has a main stage that extends into the audience, creating a theatre-in-the-round. There's no curtain or backstage; the changing rooms are below. Two rotating spiral staircases, 10 synchronized panoramic projection screens, 16 video mapping laser projectors and aerial performance rigging make this a cutting-edge venue.Infinite verandas in the ship's standard stateroom—there are 910 of these—the veranda is part of the room, giving a much more spacious effect. The push of a button lowers the top level of the floor-to-ceiling glass. Another button lowers a blackout screen, ideal for anyone who wants to sleep in. They have an open, airy feel. There are no curtains, no intrusions on the view. The windows on the outside of the infinite verandas are flush with the sides of the ship, giving a distinctive, sleek look to the superstructure.
The Rooftop Garden This Deck 15 area is an evolution of Celebrity's Lawn Club. Instead of live grass, it has greenery, fantasy trees, a bar and a grill for gourmet barbecue fare, and is home to the brand's 'A Taste of Film' experience.
Edge Staterooms with Infinite Veranda is 23% larger than Solstice Class veranda staterooms (bathroom space is 10% larger) All standard-sized staterooms are fitted with king-sized cashmere mattresses part of the exclusive Celebrity Cashmere Bedding Collection. In-room automation allows guests to control and personalize everything a simple touch screen, including lighting, shades, temperature and service. Celebrity Edge's accommodations include several classes of staterooms, including inside, ocean view, veranda, and suite rooms. The ship will offer the company’s first staterooms for solo-travelers, as well as "Infinite Veranda" staterooms with garage-door-style walls that open to the outside. 
Dining Deck 14's Oceanview Cafe, a casual dining spot, has a dramatic look with double-height ceilings and towering glass walls on the port side. Almost 900 people can dine there, but the space is artfully divided to create intimate areas without blocking the views. Market-style food stations will serve everything from regional dishes to pizza. One of the four main dining venues, the Cosmopolitan, has curved pillars and a wine entrance that harken to the architectural shapes and the wine tower of Celebrity's Solstice-class ships. Another restaurant, the Normandie, will be decorated with panels from that historic liner that previously graced Celebrity Summit.
Propulsion The four diesel engines allow the ship to operate in all circumstances and a fifth smaller one allows the ship to meet the required performance with one main engine down.
Chantiers de l’Atlantique has developed and implemented an engine schedule featuring uneven load-sharing between the engines, typically the number of diesel engines on board to meet propulsion power load and hotel, are all run at the same load. But on Celebrity Edge, “all but one engine will be running at optimum load in terms of fuel consumption, with one adjusted to match the load requirement. This makes energy consumption more efficient. The ship also has an air lubrication system installed to save energy.
The engines are fitted with scrubbers and SCRs to meet emission requirements.
The ship stands out as it is especially environmentally friendly in terms of getting rid of waste, going over and above what is expected. Instead of using incinerators, which are a source of gas emissions, the shipyard looked at alternate solutions to eliminate the need to burn refuse. A solution involving hydrothermal oxidation was used, where the waste is put under high pressure and temperature, which disintegrates the material to form water and dust. Placed in the machinery space, the solution consists of two pressure vessels that have to be loaded, in contrast to being a continuous process.
This is the prototype installation on a ship and part of an R&D effort co-funded by the EU through the Leanship project. A higher investment than using incinerators and reduces pollution to a minimum, as incinerator emissions are not counted in the IMO emissions criteria.


Sorry for the bad interior images better ones are difficult to obtain through Celebrity or internet.

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