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Registered Owner: CPC Marine Pty. Ltd. - Australia - Beneficial owner: Coral Princess-Australia - Operator: Coral Expeditions -Australia

Entered service: 2019 - Gross tonnage: 5.516 - Pass. lower beds: 120 - All berths: 120 - Passenger decks: 4 - Length: 94,50 m. - Beam: 17,2 m. - Draught: 4,51 m. - Drive: 2x diesel/electric Kongsberg Maritime thruster each driven by   Caterpillar type 3512 C diesel engine as main generator. Total output:..... kW. - Service speed: 13.5  knots - Max. speed: 14.5 knots -  Built:Vard/Vung Tau shipyard  - Vietnam - Yard no.886 - Flag: Australia - Classification: DNV/GL.

Former name: None
Sister ship: None

 Passenger space ratio all berths  28,79
Brief Description:
Norwegian Vard was awarded a contract for construction of the vessel in September 2017. Being constructed at Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam. The vessel has been designed for small ship expedition cruises in isolated locations in the Asia-Pacific region. Its interiors will feature modern Australian design with the colour scheme of tropical Queensland. Active stabilisers on the vessel will reduce roll, enhancing passenger comfort in different sea state conditions.
The bridge deck will offer 55.8m≤ balcony suites and 21.4m≤ balcony staterooms, and the explorer deck will offer 21.4m≤ balcony staterooms. The promenade deck will feature 17m≤ staterooms with large windows and the coral deck will offer 17m≤ staterooms with porthole windows.The Deck 1, named coral deck, will feature 12 coral deck staterooms, while the promenade deck on Deck 2 will have 16 promenade deck staterooms along with a dining room, gift shop, reception and gallery. The promenade deck will also offer panoramic views of the sea to the guests.The explorer deck or Deck 3 will accommodate 28 explorer deck balcony staterooms along with a private gym. Deck 4 will be where the bridge is located and will be the upper deck housing Cairns and Darwin suites. It will also feature an observation lounge and private bar. The expedition room and captainís cabin will be situated on Deck 4, while all the decks will have lift and lobby facilities.
Coral Adventurer will feature a large dining area as well as multiple bars offering wines, selected beers, and drinks along with lunch and dinner service. A lecture lounge will be available with multimedia systems presenting daily expedition updates and presentations. The vessel will also have an onboard library with materials about the destinations and wildlife.All guest cabins will feature en-suite bathrooms featuring a toilet, shower and ample storage space. The cabins will be furnished with a wardrobe, a desk, and an armchair. The bridge deck balcony suite will be equipped with amenities including a lounge area, minibar, and a coffee machine.
Xplorer and Zodiac tender vessels will be available at the stern of the ship, where all passengers can enjoy excursions to the shore. Also tested during the sea trials were the proprietary dual Xplorer tenders, a trademark feature of Coral Expedition ships. Deployed via a hydraulic mechanism, the Xplorers lower passengers from a deck to the water level.
The newbuild is Coral Expeditionís fourth cruise ship with a further vessel intended to follow.

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