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Registered Owner: GCCL Malta  Fleet 4 Ltd. - Beneficial owner: Grand Circle Travel Inc. - USA - Operator: Grand Circle Cruise -USA/Croatia

Jan. 2014 Boston-based Grand Circle Cruise Line acquired Corinthian from Travel Dynamics.

 Enter service: 1990 - Refits: 1996/2009 - GrossTonnage: 4.077  - Passengers based on lower beds: 98 - All berths: 110 - Passenger decks: 5 - Length: 88,30 m. -  Beam: 15,60 m. - Propulsion: 2 MAN-B&W diesel engines power 1757 kW each. - 2 Controllable propellers - Speed: 15 knots - Built: Cantieri Navale Ferrari-La Spezia - Italy - Yard no. 46 - Classification: Lloyds Register of Shipping - Flag: Malta

Former names: Renaissance Four (until 1996) - Clelia- II (until may 2011) - Orion-II (until dec. 2012) - Corinthian (since dec.1-2012-change ownership 2014- until present

Sister ships: Renaissance One (now Dubawi Yacht) - Renaissance Two (now Cruise One laid-up).- Renaissance Three (now Silver Galápagos)

Passenger Space Ratio all berths 37,06                     Passenger Space Ratio lower berths 41,60
May 2018 Scanship has been awarded a retrofit contract by Grand Circle Corp. to deliver and install an advanced wastewater purification system on the 1990-built Corinthian.The ship is operated by Grand Circle Cruise Line. The retrofit will take place at Naval Roche shipyard in Lisbon during the fall.

Renaissance Four


 jan. 2010 -Travel Dynamics International canceled two Antarctica voyages on Clelia II as the ship undergoes repairs in Punta Arenas, Chile, following propeller damage sustained on the Christmas cruise. On Dec. 26, Clelia II was positioned in the usual landing cove at Petermann Island, Penola Strait on the Antarctic Peninsula when a stronger-than-anticipated southerly current pushed the ship toward the island. Efforts to correct the situation failed, and the starboard propeller struck some rocks.

Dec.8-2010 The Clelia II is returning to Ushuaia and is being aided by another cruise vessel NG Explorer”, said the Argentine Navy. She is battling winds of 90 km, but the situation “is under control”.The vessel was on its way back from Antarctica when one of the engines failed “causing serious propulsion problems and limitations in her manoeuvrability. However the crew managed to make contact with another tourist vessel, the NG Explorer, which immediately relayed the distress call. The ship had 88 passengers, all from the United States, and 77 crew: 44. There are no injuries to passengers, although one member of the crew sustained minor injuries.



November 26-2009 Orion Expedition Cruises announced today, the company has negotiated a long-term charter with purchase options of Clelia II, currently operated by New York-based Travel Dynamics International. The company has sub-chartered Clelia II with a purchase option from Travel Dynamics International of New York which has a direct agreement with the owner. Clelia II will be renamed Orion II when she joins OEC in June 2011 and will be based in Singapore for expedition cruising around Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on Borneo and Vietnam.

May-24-2011 Sarina Bratton, founder and md of Orion Expedition Cruises, has taken delivery of Orion II in Curaçao where the former Clelia II has been in drydock, prior to setting sail in her new livery for Los Angeles via the Panama Canal.

Orion Expedition Cruises announced its 2013 deployment for just one ship, its 100-passenger Orion, notably absent is the Orion II, which the company is returning to its owners at the end of 2012 despite what they once said was a “long-term charter.”
Absent from the 2013 sailings are itineraries for Orion II, which will be returned to its owners mid November 2012 and will no longer be used by the company for expeditions beyond that date.
Sarina Bratton, Founder & Managing Director commented “we have not been satisfied with some performance aspects such as the fuel efficiency of the vessel and therefore have decided to return the ship at the completion of the first charter term.

CORINTHIAN Travel Dynamics

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