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        SHIP sold for scrap but still available on site

Note:Owner of the ship is often difficult to trace due to liability and taxes  

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QUAIL  CRUISES   -   SPAIN  (CVC Brasil is financial involved in Quail Cruceros.) Also called: Happy Cruises Ceased operations sept.2011

QUARK EXPEDITIONS - USA   a  Travelopia company
Used charterships only.
Due to this fact Fleet of ships changed regular. For the first time Quark ordered an own ship delivery in 2020

50 YEARS  of VICTORY* 23.439 2007 128 Russian atomic icebreaker Charter to Quark
KAPITAN KHLEBNIKOV* 12.919 1980 106 Russian icebreaker Charter to Quark
OCEAN ADVENTURER*  4.376 1975 132 Former name Sea Adventurer Charter to Quark
OCEAN DIAMOND*  8.282 1974 189 Charter to Quark
OCEAN ENDEAVOUR* 12.907 1982 198 Charter to Quark
OCEAN  NOVA *  2.183 1992   82 Acquired in 2006 by Nova Cruising Ltd., a Quark-associated company.
WORLD EXPLORER               9.300 2018 200 Newbuild in order for Portugese Mystic Cruises in 2018/19 Charter to Quark
ULTRAMARINE 13.000 2020 200 Order placed by Quark Expeditions.

QUEST OWNER Ltd.  -  BAHAMAS  Manager FleetPro - Ocean

SEA  ENDURANCE  * 1.211 1991 53 Sold to Albatros Adventure - Denmark 2015 Start operation as SEA ENDURANCE  begin 2016 Expedition Ship.

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