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Note: Owner of the ship is often difficult to trace due to liability and taxes

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PACIFIC* 20.186 1971 640 Owned by: Templeton ex. Pacific Princess(love boat) -  Start sailing for Quail apr.28-2008 until october2008. Since end 2008 out of order due to heavy engine damage and under arrest in Italy. Sold by public auction on nov. 2011 to unknown buyer. Sold for scrap to Turkey Febr. 2012

THOMSON CRUISES  - UK - see Marella Cruises


SEA SPIRIT* 4.200 1991 114 Aquired sept. 2010 from in financial trouble Cruise West. Former name: Spirit of Oceanus.  Commercial and technical manager by Sunstone Ships

TOPAZ - INTERNATIONAL - GREECE   see  Kyma Shipmanagement


Golden Horizon 5.050 2018 312 ex. Flying Clipper Biggest sailing clipper of the world -Yard Brodosplit-Croatia.Because of dispute with the shipyard and the owner Star Cliippers for late delivery. Order of the almost complete ship canceled. Ship is chartered by new British shipping company Tradewind Voyages UK Limited.
Ship remains the property of the Croatian holding company DIV group parent comp. of the Yard. New name: Golden Horizon

TRANSOCEAN  - GERMANY  After bankruptcy  a subsidiary of PREMICON - Germany - Now:TransOcean Kreuzfahrten, the German branch and trade name of South Quay Travel & Leisure Limited/CMV Holdings London Ltd. subsidairy of  CRUISE and MARITIME Voyages for ships please visit CMV.

TRAVEL DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL  -  USA  (take over  dec. 2014 by French Ponant Cruises)

CALLISTO  499   34  

TRAVELPLAN / GLOBALIA Cruises  -  SPAIN  no ships in operation after 2007

TROPICANA  CRUISES  -  See West Indies Cruise Line.

TUI  CRUISES   - GERMANY  (joint venture between Royal Caribbean and Tui  on 50/50       

MEIN SCHIFF  1* 111.514 2018 2894 New serie the old Mein Schiff 1 hand-over in may 2018 to Marella Cruises - UK new name: Marella Explorer.
MEIN SCHIFF  2 * 111.514 2019 2894 New serie the old Mein Schiff 2 renamed Mein Schiff Herz.




ex CELEBRITY MERCURY  Renamed in Mein Schiff 2 Start operations may 2011. Intention to hand over to Marella Cruises in 2018 under new name Marella Explorer 2. Due to the fact of cease of Chinese join venture SkySea Cruises. The only ship SkySeaGolden Era takes the place of Mein Schiff 2 and renamed in Marella Explorer-2. Mein Schiff 2 remains in TUI Germany fleet will be renamed in april 2018 into Mein Schiff Herz.
MEIN SCHIFF 3* 99.526 2014 2506 First newbuilding
MEIN SCHIFF 4* 99.526 2015 2506 Same type as 3
MEIN SCHIFF 5* 99.526 2016 2534 Same type as 3
MEIN SCHIFF 6* 99.526 2017 2534 Same type as 3
MEIN SCHIFF  7 111.500 2023 2894 Sister of  new Mein Schiff 1 on order at Meyer Yard Finland
N/N 161.000 2024  ? New type biggest type for Fincantieri and TUI- LNG drive
N/N 161.000 2026   New type biggest type for Fincantieri and TUI- LNG drive

TWINKLE TRAVEL CRUISE - HONGKONG  ( Joint venture between CTS (China Travel Service) and Cosco)

PIANOLAND * 69.840 1995 1822 Ex. Oriana (P&O) Aquired 2018- New company


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