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 VANTAGE CRUISE LINE  -  USA   (charter and owned rivercruise ships world wide. now first seagoing cruise ship)

OCEAN  EXPLORER   2021 130 The tour operator will be the long-term charterer of the fourth newbuild from SunStone ships, now named the Ocean Explorer
OCEAN  ODYSSEY   2022 130 Long-term charterer from SunStone ships.












Original owned by Troms Fylkes Dampskibsselskap ASA until 2006 From 2006 -2012 owned by Hurtigruten. Suspend service March 2012. After renovation july 2013 new owner   Start operation summer 2015 Spitsbergen explorer cruises.

RAGNVALD  JARL* 2.191 1956 149

Last voyage for Hurtigruten sept. 1995 sold 1996 ex. Gann - Sjøkurs- 2019 laid -up -purchased by the Jarle Rasmussen’s Gdynia-based Vestland Marine Sp renamed to original name.

SJOVEIEN 339 1964 12

The vessel was built for the Norwegian Government and she worked for them in various capacities for many years. Since 1995 she has been in private ownership(Vestland)

VICTORY  CRUISE  LINES  -  USA (end 2018 acquired by  American Queen Steamboat Company )

VICTORY 1* 4.954 2001 202 ex. Sea Voyager - ex. Saint Laurent charter to Haimark Line. After ceased operation of Haimark Line. Charter to new founded Victory Cruise Line.  Since july 2016 sailing as Victory-1
VICTORY 2* 4.954 2002 202 ex. Sea Discoverer - ex.Cap Cod Light. Since 2012 In service as floating hotel accommodation ship for  offshore workers in the North Sea. Acquired by Victory Cruise Lines july 2017. Start operation May 2018
Ocean Victory   2021 186 Charter of SunStone Ship of the Infinity class, built at the CMHI (China Merchants Heavy Industry) yard in China. Charter together with Albatros Expeditions.
Ocean Discoverer   2023 186 Charter of SunStone Ship of the Infinity class, built at the CMHI (China Merchants Heavy Industry) yard in China. Charter together with Aurora Expeditions.

VIKING  OCEAN CRUISES   -  Switserland/Norway   affiliate of Viking River Cruises

VIKING  STAR* 47.842 2015 930 Order placed by Fincantieri -  luxery cruise ships new company.
VIKING  SEA* 47.842 2016 930 Second of class  Viking Sea del. march 2016
VIKING  SKY* 47.842 2017 930 Third of class  Viking Sky del. febr.2017
VIKING  SUN* 47.842 2017 930 Fourth Del.okt.2017
VIKING  ORION* 47.861 2018 930 Fifth Del.june 2018 First named Viking Spirit
VIKING  JUPITER*   47.800 2019 930 Sixth del. febr. 2019
VIKING  VENUS 47.800 2021 930 Seventh -Extended order of two ships April 2017 at Fincantieri plus option for two
N/N 47.800 2022 930  
N/N 47.800 2024    
N/N 47.800 2025    
N/N 47.800 2025    
N/N 47.800 2026    
N/N 47.800 2026    
N/N 47.800 2027    
VIKING POLARIS 30.150 2022 378 Expedition cruiseship order to Vard Yard-Norway LNG propulsion
VIKING OCTAMIS 30.150 2022 378 Expedition cruiseship order to Vard Yard-Norway LNG propulsion

VIRGIN VOYAGES   -  United Kingdom

SCARLET LADY* 108.192 2020 2770 Signed June 22-2015 a letter of intent with Italian Fincantieri Virgin Cruise Line  is the newest subsidiary of Richard Branson. 
VALIANT LADY 110.000 2021 2800 sister
N/N 110.000 2022 2800 sister
N/N 110.000 2023 2800 sister


SEASVENTURE 6.752 1990 188  Ex BREMEN* Start operations summer 2021 

VODOHOD  CRUISE & TRAVEL  -  RUSSIA member in new SWAN HELLENIC for ships please visit SH

VOLGA  DREAM   -   RUSSIA see Premier Cruises - Finland

VOYAGES to ANTIQUITY  a Gerry Herrod comp.Voyages To Antiquity will close at the end of October 2019 while the ship goes on charter to Road Scholar next year.

AEGEAN ODYSSEY* 12.094 1973 358 ex Aegean - I aquired 2008 and complete refurbished

VOYAGES of DISCOVERY  an All Leisure Group Comp ceased operation due to bankruptcy





Ex. Platinum - Hyundai Pungak -Island Princess. Febr.2013 operated in close cooperation with CMV. Sold for scrap oct. 2014 

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