IMO 9583366

OWNER: American Cruise Line  -  USA

Gross Tonnage: 2.169 - Built: 2010 - Passengers lower beds: 104 - All berths: 104  - Passenger decks: 4 - Length 65,20 m. - Beam 13,70 m.- Propulsion: 2 - Caterpillar  - diesel engines type C32 - Power 1.500 kW. each - Speed: 12.5 knots - Built: Chesapeake Shipbuilding - Salisbury - Maryland - USA - Yard No. 90 - Classification: None - Flag: USA.

Coastal type cruiseship

 Passenger space ratio all berths  20,85
Brief description:
Independence, as an American built, flagged, and owned vessel operated by US citizen crew members, is compliant with the Passenger Vessel Services Act and can transport passengers directly between US ports. The vessel accommodates 104 passengers in her 52 cabins, of which 40 have small private balconies. All staterooms have private baths, windows, and interior entrances.Independence entered service in 2010. Joining the similar but slightly smaller American Star, American Spirit, and American Glory. Unlike her sisters, Independence is equipped with Rolls Royce stabilizers for more comfortable cruising in exposed passages.
Simple but comfortable, these ships were built to nestle into small coves and ports along the East Coast, and their large cabins, numerous balconies, and multiple lounges have really raised the standard for the U.S. coastal fleet.

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