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Oct.20-2009 Quark's flagship, Kapitan Khlebnikov, will end her career as an expedition vessel in March 2012, returning to escort duties in the Russian Arctic.This is truly the End of an Era, and will be marked by a series of remarkable itineraries and special guests that celebrate the career of this extraordinary ship.This is your last chance to sail aboard, and visit remote regions that will become inaccessible to future travelers.

Start sailing for Quark Expeditions agaim summer 2016

Owner: Far Eastern Shipping Comp. (Fesco) -Icebreaker/Expedition cruise ship. Operator: Quark Expedititions.

Built : 1981 - Refit: 1992 - Tonnage: 12.228 - Passenger lower beds: 108 - All berths: 112 - Passengerdecks: 6 - Length:129,10 m. - Beam: 26,74 m. - Propulsion: diesel-electric - 6 diesel engines of 3044 kW each - 3 Electric motors of 5400 kW each for propulsion - 3 Fixed pitched propeller  with detachable blades  - Max. speed: 18 knots - Cruising speed: 13 knots (in open water) - ice-strengthened hull class LL3 - Built: Wartsila-Finland - Yard no.: 430 - Classification: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - Flag: Russia

    Passenger Space Ratio all berths  109,17




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