back to previous name: OCEAN COUNTESS
and from 2007 sailing for Monarch Classic Cruises



MAJESTIC INTERNATIONAL CRUISES - GREECE - Owned by subsidary Maximus Navigation Ltd.
Sailing Flag of Portugal/Madeira.

Former names: > Cunard Countess- Awani Dream 1- Olympic Countess- Olympia Countess - Ocean Countess - Lili Marleen.

Aquired januari 2004 by public action from defunct Olympia Cruises.
Charter to Travelplan/Globalia - Spain until autumn 2005.
From autumn 2005 long-term charter to Holiday Kreuzfahrten and re-named into LILI MARLEEN

Sept.21-2006 - Holiday Kreuzfahrten, operators of Mona Lisa and Lili Marleen, has ceased operations and is filing for bankruptcy. Ship is laid-up.  Nov.2006 ship changed into previous name OCEAN COUNTESS.

Entered Service: 1976-Refit: 1998/2005 - Gross Tonnage: 16.795 - Passengers on basis 2: 846 - Passenger decks: 8 -Built at: Burmaister & Wain- Denmark.
Length: 163,56 m. Beam: 22,84 m.









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