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 Jan. 2014 Portuscale cruises who are now the owners of the Classic 1955 built ' Princess Danae which is named ' Lisboa', have annouced that the planned cruises for 2014 have been cancelled. Costs to return the ship to service and also meet the new 2015 pollution regulations are proving to be more costly than expected
Indefinite future!

Febr.2015        Portuscale Cruises just announced that they sold the "Lisboa" for scrapping to Aliaga  a sad end after 60 years in Service


Registered Owner: South Coast  Cruises Transportes  -  Portugal  - subsidiary of - Operator Portuscale Cruises

Original a cargo-passengership turned into a cruiseship in 1976.
Orginal Entered service: 1955 Refit: 1997/2013 - Gross Tonnage: 16.531- Passengers based on 2: 560 - All berths: 640 - Passenger decks: 7
Length: 162,39 m.- Beam: 21,34 m.- Propulsion: 2 Harland & Wolff B&W Diesel engines of 4,854  kW. each - Type:6-75VTF-150/50, 2 Stroke Single Acting 6 cyl. Opposed pistons Bore 750 mm. Stroke 1500 mm. Speed: 16 knots - Built at:  Harland & Wolff of Belfast.- UK. - Yard no.: 1483  of 9.850 kW. each- Speed: 16 knots - Built at: Swan Hunter - UK. - Classification: Rinave Portugese - Flag: Portugal

Former Names: Port Melbourne - Therisos Express - Danae - Starlight Express - Baltica - (Aquired in 1996 by Classic International Cruises ) renamed: Princess Danae - Acquired in 2012 by Portuscale Cruises renamed since May 1-2013 in Lisboa-until present

Sistership: Princess Daphne

Aug. 31-2012 The 1955-built Princess Danae has been detained in the port of Dublin for an outstanding $94,000 fuel invoice.If the reports from Ireland are to be believed, the fuel invoice was for $409,000, and the ship was also detained earlier this year in Piraeus for the same reasons, having been allowed to sail after the parties reached a settlement agreement for a payment plan.

Sept. 17 - 2012 Ship arrested in Marseille for outstanding fuel bills and labor issues.

Febr. 2013 Portugeuse bank Montepio has sold 4 of 5 of CIC's cruise ships to  Portugeuse entrepreneur Doctor Rui Alegre. Princess Danea  get new name: LISBOA.

               Passenger Space ratio all berths: 25.83



Ship enter drydock of NavalRocha shipyard  oct.25-2013 in order to be transformed in "lisboa"

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