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Registered Owner: Norwegian Epic Ltd. - USA - Beneficial owner: NCL Bahamas Ltd.-USA - Operator: Norwegian Cruise Line - USA

 February 12-2019 NORWEGIAN EPIC cruise ship destroyed two mooring points on a pier as it maneuvered into the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The incident followed sustained power loss by the NORWEGIAN EPIC during its current journey, Cruise Law News reported, causing it to divert on a go-slow to Puerto Rico.Passengers took to social media to complain about cancelled stops, mechanical issues, and even allege that a fight took place among the cruise ship's crew. ďAs NORWEGIAN EPIC was maneuvering into Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico with a local pilot on board and the help of two tug boats, prevailing winds caused the ship to veer towards the pier, damaging two mooring points at Pier 3 East." No injuries have been reported.

NCL biggest and most innovative Freestyle cruiseship to date.The order that ultimately produced Norwegian Epic was announced in September 2006 as up to two ships and a option for a third. The project was code-named F3, for third-generation Freestyle Cruising. Economic conditions changed and a dispute of costs had the construction on hold until a new agreement was reached. December 2008 STX and NCL reached a settlement that revised the F3 project to a sole ship only.

Entered service: 2010 - Refit: 2015 - Gross tonnage: 155.873 - Pass. cap. lower beds: 4100 - All berths: 5186 - Passenger decks: 15 - Length: 329,45 m.-  Beam: 40,64 m. - Drive: diesel/electric: 6 diesel engines make MAK 3 type 12M43C and 3 type 16M43C total output 80.400 kW. - Propulsion: 2 Converteam induction type electric motors with conventional shafts and 5-blade propellers of 24 MW each at 135 rpm. - Post Panamax Type - Largest ship of NCL at that date - Max. speed: 22,5 knots - Built: STX-Europe  - France - Yard no:C33 - Classification: DNV/GL - Flag: Bahamas

                 Passenger space ratio all berths 30
june 21-2010 The arrival of Norwegian Epic into Southampton tomorrow morning has been delayed due to a technical problem on the ship. Norwegian Epic is due to leave Rotterdam on schedule this afternoon for a one-night preview cruise and had been set to arrive the next day in Southampton at 10 a.m. The ship will still set sail today, at a reduced speed, and will dock in Southampton more than seven hours late -- at 5:30 p.m. NCL has confirmed that the problems are due to technical difficulties with the bearing of propeller shaft. During construction suffered three fires while fitting out, the causes of which are under investigation. After first sea trials an engine has been replaced.





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