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Nov.5-2006 Quark Expeditions announced the purchase of M/S Sarpik Ittuk from its former owners, Arctic Umiaq Line of Nuuk, Greenland. The purchase was concluded today by the newly-formed Nova Cruising Ltd., a Quark-associated company. Nova Cruising Ltd. now controls Sarpik Ittuk, which as of November 3, 2006 will sail under the Bahamian flag.


Quark ship grounds in Antarctica
A second attempt to free Quark Expeditionsí Ocean Nova was planned for early this morning following the vesselís grounding in Marguerite Bay, west of Debenham Island, on Tuesday.
No injuries or signs of leakage were reported, and Quark said no environmental damage was anticipated.
Some 64 passengers and 41 crew are on board. Most of the passengers are Americans and Britons.
The ship grounded approximately two kilometers from the Argentine research station San Martin.

Registered Owner: Nova Cruising Ltd. -USA -  Manager: Cruise Management Int. Inc. - USA - Operator: Several

The Sarpik Ittuk and Sarfaq Ittuk are in 2002 lengthed with 23,15 m.at Remontowa Shipyard in Poland.

Original enter service: 1992- Refits: 2002/2006 - Gross Tonnage: 2.183 - Passengers lower beds: 82 - All berths: 98 -  Passenger decks: 4 - Length oa.: 72,80 m. - Beam: 11,1 m. - Draught: 3,67 m. - Service speed 12 knots - Propulsion: MAN-B&W diesel engine type B&W 6L28/32 of: 1470 kW. at 775 rev/min. - 4 Stroke 6 cyl. Bore 280 mm. Stroke 320 mm. One controllable pitch propeller - Built: Orskov Christensens - Denmark - Yard. no. 159 - Flag: Bahamas - Classification: BV.

Former name: Sarpik Ittuk

Sister ships: The Sarpik Ittuk is one of 3 sisterships. The others are Sarfaq Ittuk and Saqqit Ittuk. The last one is renamed into Disko - II and sold april 2007 to Quest Owners and renamed in QUEST.

  Passenger space ratio all berths: 22.28
  Passenger space ratio lower beds: 26.62

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