imo 7018563

   Febr. 2012 Sold for scrap to Turkish Cemsan for 2.5 milj. euro 

Registered owner: Templeton International Inc. - Spain

Charter to New Spanish Company  -  QUAIL Cruises. Start operations april 28 - 2008.

Aquired from Pullmantur dec.2007 -since end 2008 out of order due to heavy engine damage.

July 15 - 2009 The Italian Coast Guard has officially seized the recently-renovated, 1971-built PACIFIC against debts of USD $14 million owed to the Genoa-based San Giorgio del Porto Shipyard by Spanish-based Quail Cruises.
Genoa Febr.9 - 2011 The court in Genoa had the auction of the MV PACIFIC  scheduled for February 3 postponed on request of Templeton International, Bahamas to the February 14.The minimum bid is 3.4 million fixed. The Spanish operator Quail Cruises now acting as a Happy Cruises was the charterer of the ship only. Ship was official seized by the Italian Coast Guard in order of shipyard San Giorgio del Porto, since locked overdue repair bill was not paid. New auction June 14 - 2011

“Pacific” ~ comes up for public auction, A THIRD TIME, at Genoa on 16 November 2011, with a base starting price of Euro 2,737,080…about scrap value.

After third time Febr. 2012 Sold to unknown buyer and destination. Aug. 2013 arrived in Turkey Aliaga for scrap.

"This ship has undergone several modifications over its lifespan. It had been decommissioned for five years, and renovation now would have been too costly," Ceviker said. Turkey's Izmir Ship Recycling Co. acquired the 42-year-old Pacific for 2.5 million euros ($3.3 million). The vintage cruiseliner arrived from Genoa, Italy, at the breakers in the seaside town of Aliaga in Turkey late on Tuesday after a difficult trip in a violent storm, Ceviker said. The Pacific began taking on water and required the help of additional tugboats to make it to Aliaga. It was now listing on its starboard side at Aliaga.

Former names: Sea Venture (1971—1975) - Pacific Princess (1975—2002 also known as Love Boat))

Sistership:  Discovery of Discovery World Cruises.

May-2009 The Pacific is undergoing repairs in Genoa before entering service for Quail Cruises in July. She is slated to sail seven-day cruises from Valencia starting in July through October.
Pacific Princess well-known from the TV - serie The Love Boat. Aquired by Pullmanturs in 2002 most of the time operated in Brazil on charter for CVC. Sold dec. 2007

Entered service: 1971 – Refits:1993/2005 - Gross tonnage: 20.186 - Pass. lower beds: 640 - All berths: 750 - Passenger decks: 8 - Length: 167,74 m. - Beam: 24,59 m. Propulsion: 4 dieselengines make Fiat type C420/10SS-4 stroke 10 cyl. bore 450 mm. stroke 500 mm.-Total power total 13.240 kW. - 2 Fixed propellers - Service speed 17,5 knots -  Built:Rheinstahl Nordseewerke - Germany - Yard no. 411 - Flag: Bermuda - Classification: LR

   Passenger space ratio all berths: 26.91


 The former Pacific Princess



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