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Fleetchanges such as purchases-sold for scrap-internal transfers etc. are mentioned from 2011 - 2015 Shipnames in blue refer to a hyperlink or an image only! Shipnames in blue* to a hyperlink with technical sheet and images.

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ROYAL PRINCESS  Princess Cruises Adonia P&O -UK 2011 Internal transfer
Long Jie Kong Way-Asia Cruises Oriental Dragon Capital Dragon Holding -China 2011  
CELEBRITY MERCURY  Celebrity Mein Schiff 2 Tui-Germany 2011 Sold to joint venture TUI-Germany start operations mid 2011
DELPHIN  VOYAGER Delphin Kreuzfahrten Hainan Empress Hainan Cruises Enterprises 2011 Ship owned by Greek Restis group
cCOLUMBUS Conti Munich/Hapag LLoyd Hamburg Conti Munich/Plantours 2012 Ship changed from charter now Hamburg
HERMES Epirotiki short island cruises     2011  Broken -up Turkey febr. 2011
Sunrise SBK Marine Caledonian Sky Salen 2011 Noble Caledonina long term Charter
SPIRIT of ENDEAVOUR Cruise West Safari of Endeavour American Safari Cruises 2011 Passengers decreased to 86
Costa Marina Costa  Club Harmony Korean Polaris Shipping Group 2011  
GRAND VOYAGER* Ibero Cruises Costa Voyager  Same group 2011 Take over Costa Marina Red Sea program
UGO FOSCOLO  Hellenic Western Phoenix   2011 Broken - up 03-08-2011
SPIRIT of ADVENTURE Saga Cruises FTI-Berlin FTI Cruises -Germany 2012 New comp.
MARINA TSVETAEVA MARINE COMP. SAKHALIN - KURILY Ortelius Oceanwide The Netherlands 2011 Acquired by Ocean Wide
SUNRISE SBK Marine Swiss/Bermuda Caledonian Sky Noble Caledonia 2012  Start operations may 2012 -Former HEBRIDEAN SPIRIT*
LE LEVANT Compagnie du Ponant Tere Moana Pacific Beachcomber 2011 Start operations dec.2012
ASIA STAR * Conning Shipping China Star China Cruises Co.Ltd. 2011  
Le Diamant Compagnie du Ponant Ocean Diamond Bahamian owners -charter to Quark Expeditions 2011 Start operation for Quark 2012
Alex. von Humboldt All Leisure Group Voyager All Leisure Group 2012 Name change
Enchanted Capri Demar Cruises     2011 Sold for scrap
Delphin Delphin Kreuzfahrten Delphin Passat Kreuzfahrten 2011 Bought ship from laid-up and formed new comp.
Pacific Sun P&O Australia Henna China-based HNA Tourism 2012 Left P&O in june 2012 broken -up
Neptune Walden-HK Starry Metropolis Income China Int. HK 2011 used as casino ship
Flamenco - 1 Star Shipping Singapore Shanghai Sail Shipment Ocean Dream 2011 Sold to new Chinees comp. After laid-up in Port Klang since 2008
LYUBOV  ORLOVA* Lubov Shipping Co. Ltd. N/N N/N 2012 sold to Caribbean buyers after sixteen months’ detention at St John’s, Newfoundland. Aug. 2012 sold for scrap
PACIFIC* Templeton International     2012 Sold for scrap to Turkey.
MONARCH of the SEAS Royal Caribbean Monarch Pullmantur 2012 After refit start operation apr.2013
TIA MOANA Bora Bora Cruises Saluzi Falkenberg Investment HK 2011 Rebuild to luxe yacht
Andrea AML - Croatia Serenissima Premier Cruises-Finland a Volga Dream - Russia comp. 2012 Acquired from public sale auction. Start operations april 2013
MIRAGE -I*  Lance Shipping     2012 Sold for scrap March 2012 to Turkey.
OCEAN  MIST * PV Ocean Mist     2012 Sold for scrap March 2012 to Alang
SAPPHIRE* Louis Cruises N/N   2012 Sold for scrap March 2012 to Alang
OCEAN PEARL Pearl Owners Ltd. Formosa Queen Formosa Queen Corp. 2012 Sold to Taiwan owner.
Pacific Dream Pullmantur Horizon  CDF Croisieres de France 2012 on charter to subsidiary 
Rio Caspi Venus Acheon Akti Nav.Cyprus 2012  
THE  EMERALD* Louis Cruises     2012 Sold for scrap
Thomson Destiny Louis Cruises Louis Olympia Louis Cruises 2012 Charter to Thomson-UK ended
Vistamar Plantours Orient Queen II Orient Queen Shipping 2012  
S C Atlantic S-Continental Ocean Atlantic Ocean Atlantic & Partners 2012  
Norwegian Dream Star Cruises Superstar Gemini Star Cruises 2012 After refit start operation for Star early 2013
COSTA ALLEGRA* Costa N/N Turkey 2012 Sold for scrap Aug. 2012 to Turkey.
OLA ESMERALDA* Servicios Acuaticos Venezuela     2012 Sold for scrap 2013
CLELIA - II Goodwin Sand Corinthean Fillmore Pearl Cayman 2012 Related to V-Ship
MEGASTAR ARIES* Star Cruises Genting World Megastar Aries (Star) 2012 Name change only
the OCEANIC* Maritime Holdings - USA     2012 Broken-up
OCEAN  DREAM* Profit Summit ShanghaI N/N N/N 2012 Sold to Undisclosed interest After accident total loss 2-27-2016
ATLANTIC  STAR* Pullmantur/STX-France Antic Turkey 2013 Part of newbuilding deal. Sold for scrap.
CALYPSO* Louis Cruises Caly Scrap 2013 Sold for scrap to alang
SEABOURN LEGEND Seabourn Cruise Line Star Legend Windstar Cruises 2013  Hand over to Windstar april 2015
SEABOURN PRIDE Seabourn Cruise Line Star Pride Windstar Cruises 2013 Hand over to Windstar may 2015
SEABOURN  SPIRIT Seabourn Cruise Line Star Breeze Windstar Cruises 2013 Hand over to Windstar april 2014
ORION* Orion Expeditions N G Orion Lindblad 2014 Hand over to Lindblad/National Geographic March 2014
VENUS* Acheon Akti Navigation N/N Turkey 2013 March sold for scrap to Turkey
ARION * Clasic International Cruises (CIC) Porto Portuscale Cruises 2013  Aquired from bankrupt CIC


Clasic International Cruises (CIC) Azores Portuscale Cruises 2013 Aquired from bankrupt CIC
FUNCHAL * Clasic International Cruises (CIC) Not renamed Portuscale Cruises 2013 Aquired from bankrupt CIC
Princess Danea  Clasic International Cruises (CIC) Lisboa Portuscale Cruises 2013 Aquired from bankrupt CIC
Galapagos Explorer-II Canodros Equador Silver Galapagos Silversea Expeditions 2013 Silversea acquired Canodros incl. ship
Clipper Odyssey Clipper Odyssey owner ISP Silver Discoverer Silversea Expeditions 2013 Charter renamed name
FORMOSA  QUEEN* Asia Star Cruise Management Formosa Queen Scrap 2013 Sold for scrap to China
MSC MELODY * MSC Cruises Qing Sahara India Tourism 2013 Sold to India Floating Hotel. Scrap 2019
SEA  VOYAGER* SV Six- Honduras Safari Voyager UN Cruises 2013  
FUJI  MARU Nippon Charter Japan Mira-I  Mira Cruises AS-Panama- 2013  
GOLDEN PRINCE*  Sea Fighter N/N   2013 Sold for scrap to Turkey
AMET  MAJESTY* Amet Shipping-India N/N   2013 Sold for scrap India May 2013
LOUIS   RHEA Louis Cruises N/N   2013 Sold for scrap
Royale Star Skywill Management Ltd. - HK New Imperial Star  Same owner 2013 Casino ship ex. Paloma and Royale Star
Kristina Katarina Kristina Cruises Ocean Endeavour FleetPro (ISP) 2014  Real owner not known.
SAGA RUBY* Millennium View Ltd Oasia Millennium View Ltd 2014 Hotel ship Far East
COSTA  VOYAGER Costa Crocieri Bohai Cruise Co.Ltd. CHINESE TAISHAN 2014  New cruise comp.
OCEAN COUNTESS* Majestic International -Greece     2014 Sold for scrap march 2014 after fire.
OCEAN  STAR  PACIFIC* Ocean Star Cruises - Mexico     2014 Sold for scrap aug 2014 to Alang
OCEAN LIFE* World Cruise a Hellenic Seaways Management comp.     2014  Sold for scrap to Aliaga Turkey aug. 2014
CLUB HARMONY * Polaris Shipping South Korea     2014 Sold for scrap Alang. aug. 2014
PRINCESS DAPHNE* Classic International/Potaminos Brothers  Daphne   2014 Sold for scrap Alang.
EMPRESS Pullmantur Empress ot Seas Royal Caribbean 2015 Start febr.2016 internal transfer
Yorktown Maritime Explorer Americana Absolute Nevada 2014 Acquired from KfW bank
Statendam Holland-America Line Pacific Eden P&O Australia 2015 Internal transfer within Carnival Corp.
Ryndam Holland-America Line Pacific Aria P&O Australia 2015 Internal transfer within Carnival Corp.
Celebrity Century Celebrity Cruises SkySeaGoldenEra SKYSEA  Cruises -  China 2015 joint venture between RCI and Ctrip. Both own 35%
DISCOVERY*  All Leisure Group Amen Liberty Resources of Nassau 2014 Sold for scrap
Grand Holiday Iberocruises Magellan CMV Cruise & Maritime 2015 On longterm bareboat charter
Ocean Princess Princess Cruises Sirena Oceana Cruises 2016  Start operations april 2016
MAJESTY of the SEAS * Royal Caribbean N/N Pullmantur 2016 Internal transfer start operations mid 2016
BAHAMAS  CELEBRATION * Celebration Cruise Holding Celebration Nina Services 2014 Total Loss
Celestyal Odyssey (Explorer) Semester at Sea Brilliant of the Sea-name change to Glory ot Seas Diamond Cruise Int.China 2015 Start 2016 Cruises for new Chinese comp.

Alphabetic line-up of Cruise Lines
Note:Owner of the ship is often difficult to trace due to liability and taxes  

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