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Fleetchanges such as purchases-sold for scrap-internal transfers etc. are mentioned from 2015-2018 until present Shipnames in blue refer to a hyperlink or an image only! Shipnames in blue* to a hyperlink with technical sheet and images.

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MACAU  SUCCESS* Capture Success Rex Fortune Rex Entertainment Holding 2015 gambling ship
DAWN PRINCESS Princess Cruises Pacific Exlorer Internal Transfer 2015 Start operation for P&O Australia in june 2017
QUEST* Quest owner Sea Endurance Albatros Adventure - Denmark 2016 Start operation begin of 2016
LISBOA* Portuscale Cruises     2015 Sold for scrap to Turkey
SPLENDOUR of the SEAS*  Royal Caribbean Thomson Discovey TUI Cruises/Thomson 2016  
DEUTSCHLAND *  Peter Deilmann World Odessey Absolute Nevada -USA 2015  Charter to Semester at Sea
Tere Moana Pacific Beachcomber Clio Grand Circle Cruises 2015 Start operation for GCC may 2016
Sea Voyager Clipper Group/FleetPro Saint Laurent Haimark Line -USA 2014 On charter start operations may 2015
Adonia P&O-UK Adonia Fathom a Carnival Comp. 2016 New brand volunteer tourism
Megastar Taurus Star Cruises Crystal Esprit Crystal Yacht Cruises 2015 Both belonging Genting HK
AEGEAN  PARADISE * Hainan Cruise Enterprise Aegean Paradise                                   Kingston Maritime 2015 Name not changed Kingston Maritime is a New Century Maritime comp.- HK
Mare Australis Cruceros Australis Santa Cruz II Etica / Metropolitan 2015 Start operation nov. 2015 Galapagos Cruises.
Atlāntida Atlantico Line Spitsbergen Hurtigruten 2015  
Veronica* DSME - Oman N/N N/N 2015 Ex. Mona Lisa - ex. Kungsholm. Sold for scrap
Island Escape  Thomson Cruises Ocean Gala  Cruise Holdings Inc. 2015 Converted into an asylum centre in Sweden
VIA AUSTRALIS Australis Chili NG Endeavour II Lindblad Expeditions 2016  
Pacific Pearl P&O Australia Columbus Cruise & Maritime Voyages 2017  
Splendour ot Seas Royal Caribbean TUI/ Discovery Tui/Thomson 2016 Sold to TUI charter to Thomson
Legend ot Seas Royal Caribbean TUI/ Discovery-2 Tui/Thomson 2017 Sold to TUI charter to Thomson
HENNA* HNA Tourism China Hen N/N 2017 Sold for scrap India april 2017
Saint Laurent Haimark Line Victory - 1 Victory Cruise Line 2016 New founded comp. Ship charter Clipper Group
SEA EXPLORER Explorer Shipmanagement Hebridean Sky Hebridean Ship Management 2016 New name since april 1-2016
ORIENT QUEEN II Abou Merhi Med Queen Med Cruise Inc. 2016 Real owner unknown
BIMINI SUPERFAST Genting HK Cruise Olbia Grimaldi Euromed 2016 Ferry
NEW-IMPERIAL STAR* Skywill Management Ltd.  New N/N 2016 Sold by High Court of Hongkong. Scrap Alang
OASIA Millennium View N/N N/N 2017 Sold for scrap Alang ex. Saga Ruby
Mein Schiff-1 TUI-Germany Marella Explorer Marella Cruises ex.Thomson 2018 Start operation for Marella Cruises May 2018
Voyager All Leisure Group Vidanta Elegant Grupo Vidanta-Mexico 2017 Acquired after bankruptcy of All Leisure
Royal Iris/Roy Star Golden Cruise Knyaz(Prince) Vladimir Black Sea Cruises -Russia 2017 New cruiseline ferry/ cruises in the Black Sea
Starry Metropolis Income China Int. Starry Metropolis Veltenis Int. Group-Macau 2017 Name not changed
Saint Laurent Clipper Group Victory I Victory Cruise Lines 2016 On charter to new comp. Victory Cruise Lines
Sea Discovere Clipper Group Victory II Victory Cruise Lines 2017 On charter to new comp. Victory Cruise Lines
Costa neo Classica Costa Grand Classica Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line 2017 Sold via Costa Subsidairy left Costa fleet march 2018
MINERVA* Swan Hellenic N/N Evante Int. Trading 2017 Sete Yacht Management Rebuilt to super yacht
GOLDEN PRINCESS * Princess Cruises N/N P&O Australia 2017 Internal transfer Start operations in 2020
ADONIA P&O Cruises Azamara Pursuit Azamara Cruises 2017 Start operations march 2018
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ENDEAVOUR* Metrohotel Equador N/N N/N 2017 Broken-up june 2017 at Ecuador.
CHINA  STAR* China Cruises - HK Saipan Star  United Empire Investment Ltd. Malaysia 2017 Future uncertain hotel or cruise ship
SANTA  CRUZ* Empresa Turistica International (ETICA)  -  Ecuador     2017 Broken-up in 2017 at Ecuador.
Pacific Eden P&O Australia Vasco da Gama Cruise and Maritime/Transocean 2018 Start operations 2019
ARANUI  3* Polynesienne de Transport Maritime M-2 Al Seer Marine Supplies - Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 2016 The future of the ship is unknown
OCEAN  GALA * Cruise Holdings Inc.-Pisces Maritime Ltd. N/N N/N 2018 Sold for scrap to Alang India
SKYSEAGOLDEN ERA Hongkong SkySea Investment Marella Explorer -2 Marella Cruises -UK 2018 Ex.Celebrity Mercury-Chinese SkySea Cruises cease operations 2018
RMS  St. HELENA*  Andrew Weir. MNG Tahiti Tahiti Shipping 2018 No longer cruiseship
LOUIS  AURA *(Aegean Queen) Louis Cruises N/N N/N 2018 Sold for scrap to Alang May 2018 under the name Aegean Queen
COSTA neo RIVIERA* Costa AIDAmira Aida Cruises 2018 Internal transfer
ORIANA P&O UK Pianoland  Joint venture China between CTS (China Travel Service) and Cosco 2018 Left fleet aug. 2019.
PRINSENDAM Holland-America Line Amera (August 1- 2019) Phoenix Seereisen 2018 Charter back until July 1-2019
CELESTYAL MAJESTY Louis Cruises Crown Iris Mano Maritime Ltd. -Israel 2018  see Crown Iris
PACIFIC  JEWEL P&O Australia Karnika Zen /Jalesh Cruises - India 2018 Left fleet March 2019. New cruise line - India
SUPER STAR VIRGO* Star Cruises Malaysia  Explorer Dream Dream Cruises (Genting) 2018 Internal transfer

Alphabetic line-up of Cruise Lines
Note:Owner of the ship is often difficult to trace due to liability and taxes  

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