Sank off april 6 -2007 on the coast of Santorini

Owner: Louis Cruises - Cyprus - Former Birka Princess of Birka Line - Finland. First newbuilding for Birka Line. Acquired by Louis Cruises in Februari-2006 and renamed in Sea Diamond.

Entered service: 1986 - Refits: 1999 and 2006 - Orginal built at: Valmet Oy - Helsinki - Refit in 1999 at: Lloyd Werft - Germany and 2006 at Aker Finnyards.    Gross Tonnage: 22.712 - Passengers based on 2: 1160. Length: 143 m. Beam: 24,70 m.

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Delivered to her new owners on March 17-2006, she has since had an extra deck complete with an outdoor pool added, at Aker Finnyards. Originally built to operate in the Baltic, she had an indoor pool only.

April 5-2007

Sea Diamond sank off Santorini Friday morning april 6, after the vessel struck coral reef and nearly 1,600 people on board had to be rescued. Many of the 1,200 passengers on board are from Germany and the United States. There are also up to 400 crew.  The Sea Diamond sank shortly before 7 a.m. local time, 15 hours after the accident occurred and the ship began listing and taking on water. Authorities said two French passengers — a 45 year-old man and his 16-year-old daughter — had still not been accounted for, and lists of rescued passengers were being rechecked.

Louis Hellenic Cruises announces that it has been informed by a French tour leader that so far two members of his group from the Sea Diamond have not yet been in contact with him. Every effort is being made to locate them. Louis Hellenic Cruises has also reported that unfortunately at the early hours of this morning, local time the vessel sank in Santorini. Passengers from Sea Diamond have arrived in Piraeus on the Aegean II and Perla is expected to also arrive there with more passengers at around noon local time.



 Febr. 2014 The Louis group is to appeal a First Instance Court of Piraeus decision, announced this week, that the cruise ship Sea Diamond, which sank in 2007, be salved and a fine of €14m be paid to the Greek government and the municipality of Santorini.
The 22,000gt vessel carrying around 1,200 passengers hit rocks off the island and two French passengers went missing and are presumed dead.In a statement, the owning and managing company of Sea Diamond, which is affiliated with Louis plc, said there is absolute respect for the decision by the Greek justice system, but there will be an appeal hoping the decisions will be overturned. The statement said the ‘final decision will be made by the Piraeus Appeals Court’The municipality of Santorini, in April 2013, called for the lifting of the Sea Diamond and demanded compensation for moral damage due to degradation of the marine environment. Also in April, the Greek state filed a lawsuit, seeking compensation for moral damage for the same reason, as well as for moral damage caused by having the Hellenic Hydrographic Service blamed for the accident for allegedly issuing incorrect charts.The court's decision comes despite the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (ITOPF), a not-for-profit organisation established on behalf of the world's shipowners to promote an effective response to marine spills of oil and chemicals, has said in a report any attempt to salvage the ship would be difficult and risky.The Greek Centre for Marine Research (HCMR,) stated in its last report the effects on the marine environment are negligible and all measurements taken give low readings and are similar to those detected in the open seas. HCMR has been taking readings of the accident's impact on the marine ecosystem around the island since 2007.Commissioner for Environment, of the European Commission, Janez Potocnik, said five years after the incident, there was no convincing evidence the wreck poses a risk to the marine environment.However, environmental organisations say there is serious environmental risk from erosion of the shipwreck and have sought the salvage of the ship.Greece's Shipping and Aegean minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis had stated the wreck is at a depth that does not harm the environment and the surroundings, while there is constant monitoring for pollution issues and already a huge amount has been paid for cleaning the area. A floating boom has been placed around the wreck, and recently a telemetric monitoring system was installed.The Piraeus appeals court is already dealing with the sinking. January 28, the court adjourned the case of nine people convicted in connection with the fatal sinking and rescheduled the hearing to February 13.Last July, the ship's captain, Yiannis Marinos, received a suspended jail sentence of 12 years and two months. He was convicted of causing an accident, negligence that led to manslaughter and marine pollution. He was also fined €8,000 ($10,600).A surveyor from the vessel’s classification society DNV received a sentence of 15 months. The ship’s navigation officer was sentenced to two years and 10 months, the chief engineer to two years and four months, the cruise company's legal representative to two years, an inspector/auditor to 15 months and a security officer to six months and a €600 fine.The first engineer, chief officer, chief steward and cabin manager were acquitted.


The Greek Merchant Marine Ministry announced it will raise the wreck of the MS Sea Diamond, which sank in the Santorini ten years ago after striking a reef.The ship sank in water that was more than 300 feet deep. All passengers were rescued with the exception of two, a 45-year-old French passenger and his teenage daughter which were presumed to have drowned Greek officials said the ship now poses an environmental and navigational risk. A timeline on the process of raising and disposing of the ship was not offered.On April 15, 2007, the 33,390-ton, 1,600 passenger Sea Diamond hit a reef off Santorini and sank 15 hours later. The captain was quoted in Greek media at the time as saying that strong currents forced the ship into the reef.The captain and several other officers were later indicted on charges of causing a shipwreck through negligence, breaching international shipping safety regulations and polluting the environment

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