The several funnel logo's and flags of HAL.
For the stupid new logo of 2015 see below.

April 18-1873 in Rotterdam - The Netherlands as "Nederlandsche - Amerikaansche - Stoomvaart - Maatschappij" [NASM] First ship "Rotterdam I " Due to the very difficult pronouncing of this name by English speaking travellers is added a second name "Holland - Amerika Lijn" or HAL in 1896.
Between 1880 and 1920 the HAL grow into one of the greater transatlantic steamship companies that carried millions of European emigrants to the New World
Rotterdam-I 1873-1883

1895 - Rotterdam-2 more or less the very first cruise in history of the HAL to North Germany.


1901 - Soestdijk-1 the first full freighter with shipname ended on "-dijk".

Soestdijk - 1
1938 - Nieuw-Amsterdam II enter service. The most beautiful ship ever built in the Netherlands.

Nieuw-Amsterdam -II
1940-1945 WWII - 12 ships lost 177 crew members died.
1948 - 75 years anniversary.
1959 - Rotterdam-V enter service.

Rotterdam - V
1963 - Moved USA headquarters and operations from Hoboken -New Yersey to Manhattan-Pier 40.
1969 - Rotterdam-V ceased transatlantic passengerservice. After refit cruises only.
1971 - HAL ceased transatlantic passengerservice.
1971 - HAL acquired 70% share in Westours Inc-Seattle.
1972 - HAL acquired the Argentina and Brasil of Moore Mc.Cormack Lines Inc.-USA and renamed into Veendam-III and Volendam -II.

Volendam - II ex Brasil
1972 - The first Lash-ship Bilderdijk-2 enter service.

Bilderdijk - II
1973 - Prinsendam the first special designed cruiseship enter service.Last HAL ship built in the Netherlands.

Prinsendam - I
1974 - "Nieuw-Amsterdam" II sold for scrap to Taiwan. According to many the most beautiful passenger ship ever built.
1975 - HAL freighter division incl. all "-dijk" ships sold to Swedish Broström-Group. Founded new company
Incotrans bv.-Rotterdam. Ships sailing under Dutch flag  with Dutch officers.
1978 - Moved its headquarters from Rotterdam to New York.
1980 - First fatal accident with a HAL ship after WW-II. "Prinsendam" sunk in Gulf of Alaska after fire. All passengers and crew rescued.

1983 - Headquarters moved from New-York to Seattle (WA)
1983 - HAL acquired 100% share in Westours Inc-Seattle.
1987 - HAL acquired 50% share in Windstar Cruises.
1988 - Homeric purchased from Home Lines and renamed as "Westerdam"-2
1988 - HAL acquired 100% share in Windstar Cruises.
1989 - Lanterman became President of Holland America Line-Westours shortly after the company was acquired by Carnival Corp.

1988 - Nov. a very sad and unbelievable decision for the maritime history of the Dutch.
           Carnival Corp. acquired the HAL for about $900 total. The deal effected in 1989 Jan.

1997 Kirk Lanteran was named Chairman and CEO
1998 - "Westerdam"2 lenghtened by 40m. at Meyer Werft - Germany.
1997 - Grande Dame "Rotterdam"-5 out of service and sold to Premier Cruises. Renamed "Rembrandt".
1998 - 125 years anniversary. After Cunard the oldest cruise/passengerline in the World.
2000 - The "Nieuw-Amsterdam" 3 sold to ACVC and renamed as "Patriot". A great name in HAL history leaved.
2001 - Because of payment problems by ACVC  "Patriot" returns to the HAL under old name.
2002 - The "Nieuw-Amsterdam" 3 on bareboat charter to Louis Cruises Cyprus.
2002 - Grande Dame "Rotterdam"-5, will return to her homeport in 2005 after important work has been carried out.
            In the Caribbean, she will be restored and come out in her original, grey hull.
            She will be permanently berthed in the harbour of Rotterdam.
2002 - "Westerdam"-2 sold to Costa Cruises new name "Costa Europe".
2002 - First Vista-Class ship "Zuiderdam"entered services. This new class of ships will be the most
            advanced , most luxurious and biggest,  ever built in  history of the HAL.
2002 - Seabourn Sun hand-over to HAL renamed Prinsendam
2003 - 130 years anniversary.  The second Vista-Class
            ship the "Oosterdam" naming ceremony  at the founding city of Rotterdam
            by Princess Margriet of the Netherlands on july 29.
2004 - The third Vista-Class ship the "Westerdam"-3 will enter service on april. 
2004 - "Noordam" sistership of the "Nieuw-Amsterdam" goes in charter for Thomson -UK as "Thomson Celebration".
            Both ships are the last ships built and designed by the Dutch HAL.
2004 - Kirk Lanteman retired.
2005 - Carnival order biggest ship for HAL ever with option on second. It will be called "Signature Class". It will be more or less an enlarged          Vista class. Tonnage approx. 86.000 gt. Delivery in 2008.
2006 - The "Veendam" the last ship registered in The Netherlands out of the Bahamian flag. Ceremony take place at january.2006.
2006 - The " Noordam" the last Vista ship starts operations in januari. It is the fourth ship in HAL-history that bear the name of Noordam.
2006 - The new  "Signature Class" (enlarged Vista type) ship will be named "Eurodam". A fancy name without any historical meaning.
2007 - Carnival announced that the European HAL office will be located in Rotterdam. After 36 years the HAL is back in their homecity Rotterdam.
2007 - Carnival changed option of second "Signature Class" in a fix order with delivery in 2010.
2008 -
Sunday early morning on june 29 the “Eurodam” first "Signature Class" visit for the first time her homeport Rotterdam. Three days of festivities   celebrating 135 years of anniversary. Including a naming ceremony with Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on Juli 1
2008 -
August 4 The Rotterdam 5 back home after many years of renovations. Now, permanent berth in her hometown. Is now a hotel / conference ship available for visits.  Please visit page Triomftocht.

2009 -
As part of its ongoing Signature of Excellence. Veendam and Rotterdam converted. Increase passengers of the Statendam -class to 1350 and the Rotterdam to 1404.
2010 - Second "Signature Class" enter service  named "Nieuw-Amsterdam"-4 a famous historic HAL name. N
aming ceremony with Princess Maxima in Venice.
2011 - HAL increasing number of cruises out of the Netherlands with 50%.
2011 - Seabourn moves to HAL organisation in Seattle.
2011 - July 3 - Classic Transatlantic Crossing after 40 years Rotterdam-New York by ms."Rotterdam"(6)
2012 - For the first time in HAL's cruise history will be homeported year round the ms "Rotterdam"(6) in the city of Rotterdam
2012 - Oct. 26 -HAL order Pinnacle class ship, biggest HAL ship ever. Tonnage 99.500 tons. Passengers 2660 lower beds  - Delivery Febr.2016
2012 - HAL gets own Tulip.The tulips are scheduled to bloom in the spring. An official christening and naming of the new tulip will be held in April 2013 during the company’s 140th anniversary.
2013 - In celebration of its 140th anniversary, an official christening of the new Holland America Line “Signature” tulip took place in the Netherlands on Friday, April 19 at the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. President and CEO of Holland America Line Stein Kruse participated in the ceremony along with the President of the Board of Directors of Keukenhof Walter Jansen and Master Grower Jan Pennings.

2013 -Dec. Holland-America Group is founded with CEO Stein Kruse former HAL CEO. Group consists of HAL, Princess, Seabourn and P&O Australia.
2014 - May 19-Announcement Statendam and Ryndam left fleet in 2015 by internal transfer within Carnival Corp. to P&O Australia. Start operations for P&O-Australia under new name; Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden.
2014 - Sept.15- Pinnacle class ship under construction in Italy will be named Koningsdam not a historical HAL name.
The name also pays honor to His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, the first king of the Netherlands in more than a century. Delivery febr.2016
Nov. 21, 2014 - Holland America Line announced today that effective Dec. 1, Orlando Ashford will join the company as president. To replace Stein Kruse
he is promoted to president Holland-America Group.
2015 - January 5 - Order placed for sistership Koningsdam delivery 2018
2015 - Oct.29 - Orlando Ashford
announces new strategy.
Reinventing its cruise experience with three new content providers BBC earth, Afar and Utrip for onboard enrichment, and a new logo and a new slogan.




In particular, the new logo is a meaningless ship's bow without the Half Moon a ship that the age of the HAL represented. Along with the bow of the Nieuw Amsterdam -2 of 1938 one of the finest ocean liners. At the time of introduction of this new logo 143 years old one of the oldest existing shipping companies. It is incomprehensible that the lovely old logo has been replaced by this monstrous meaningless new logo. This can only be done by someone who  has no respect of the history of the company. Some hypocrite US staff members found that the emblem with the Half Moon called too much association with the "slaves" time. Absolutely misplaced. Hopefully they can take a closer look at the history of the shipping company.
2016 - Jan. Cooperation between  HAL and Dutch Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam. On board a collection of fine art news and video's under the name "Rijksmuseum at Sea."
2016 - May 20-Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands officially blessed the bell and named Koningsdam onboard the ship in front of invited dignitaries, cruise guests, travel partners and media. Please Click here.
2016 - May 20-Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Holland America Line announced today that the name of the next Pinnacle Class ship set for delivery in fall 2018 will be  Nieuw Statendam.
2017 - Third Pinnacle Class ship ordered expected delivery 2021
2018 - March Pacific Eden ex. Statendam sold by P&O Australia to
Cruise and Maritime Voyages. Renamed: Vasco da Gama.
2018 - April 18 -
145 years anniversary.
2018 - July 2- Prinsendam sold to Phoenix Seereisen-Germany. Leave fleet Aug.- 2019. New name Amera
2018 - Dec. Second Pinnacle class ship Nieuw-Statendam hand over by builder Fincantieri to HAL.
2019 - Holland America Line announced that its next Pinnacle Class ship will be called Ryndam. Delivery may 2021 the fourth ship to bear this name. Fortunately not with the stupid "Nieuw" for the name.
2019 - Pacific Aria ex.Ryndam sold by P&O Australia to Cruise and Maritime Voyages. New name: Ida Pfeiffer

2020 - June President Orlando Ashford left HAL.  No reason is given nor a place substitute.

2020 - July Gus Antorcha New president HAL has a Carnival historie.

2020 - July Due to Corona crisis 4 HAL ships left fleet Veendam-Maasdam-Amsterdam-Rotterdam. Veendam/Maasdam sold as pair to unknow owner. Amsterdam/Rotterdam sold as pair to Fred Olsen

 Colour scheme:

1873 Funnel Black with green-white-green band on. Hull: Black
1899 Funnel Yellow with green-white-green band on. Hull: Black with yellow line.
1951 Funnel Yellow with green-white-green band on. Hull: Grey with yellow line.(passengerships only)
1968 . By repainting of freighters hull black without yellow line to reduce maintenance costs
1973 Funnel Orange with 3 horizontal streamers in the colours bleu-white-blue. Hull: Dark blue.
1983 Funnel White with 3 horizontal streamers in the colour bleu. Hull: Dark blue.
1989 Funnel White with oval logo of the Haelve Maen (Half Moon) and bow of the Nieuw-Amsterdam II. Hull: Dark blue.
2016 Funnel White with oval logo of the Haelve Maen (Half Moon) removed. Only a bow of probably of the Nieuw-Amsterdam II. This is the most stupid change ever. 

Nieuw-Amsterdam (2)  1938-1974

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