A Cruise is not always sun and smooth sea.
 Images below show you what can be occur during a storm.
However for your reassurance
it is an exception.

Estacy of CCL during hurricane Rita 2005
Images by courtesy of Gezinus Kooi

Rotterdam during transatlantic crossing 2004
Carnival Triumph near hurricane Isabel 2003

Images by courtesy of Henk vd.Linden

Grand Voyager ( ex. Olympia Voyager) 2004 near Malta
Images several sources


Rochdale One (ex.Primeexpress Island) on route to Amsterdam 2004
Images by Mr. GA.Vitali

Enchantment of the Seas on route to Rotterdam for stretching.
Images by crew members.

 Dual crossing of QE-2 and QV

 Balmoral jan.1-2009 departure from a Spanish Harbour Images: Shipphoto

Clelia-II Dec. 8 - 2010 in heavy storm Antarctica Images: AP


Video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDTbopUYg20

Video clip:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whZeeUDIVXw

Febr.7-2016 Anthem of the Seas has been forced to turn back to Bayonne in New Jersey after encountering a fierce storm

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