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March 23-2019
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Oct.2019 Findings of  Norwegian Accident Investigation Board
When the Viking Sky suffered an engine-shutdown in March that nearly led to a grounding in stormy weather, it only carried 28 to 40 percent of lube oil in its engines, far less than the 68 to 70 percent recommended by the engine manufacturer, according to a preliminary report issued by the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board.Thus, the engines shut down as a result of the loss of lubrication due to low sump tank levels, combined with the pitching and rolling of the ship, the report stated. All three main engines shut down within 19 minutes of each other, causing a blackout and loss of propulsion. The board also estimated that the Viking Sky came within a ship’s length of grounding, before propulsion was re-established.

Viking Sky in heavy problems

March 23 - 2019 As of 6:30 p.m. local time in Norway, the Viking Sky was being evacuated via five helicopters with an estimated 900 passengers and crew remaining aboard in rough sea conditions.Each helicopter is taking 10 to 15 people in one trip.The ship was reported to be stable but without main engine power just two kilometers off shore in heavy weather. One engine is reported to be back online. The ship has power, according to video posted on social media from passengers and crew aboard.
The wind and sea conditions have put a stop to lifeboats being lowered, and Norwegian authorities have put in a helicopter rescue plan, adding that they would prefer passengers and crew be on land.Norwegian authorities have already spooled local sources, with multiple helicopters lifting passengers and crew ashore. Some six other vessels are also on their way to assist, but may encounter problems with unfavorable sea conditions.  So far, 150 persons have been evacuated five with minor injuries are admitted to local hospitals. A local paper has reported that two rescue vessels were forced to turn back after meeting waves that were over 30 feet high  One muster station had a door blow inside and some flood is coming in. Passengers are moved to midship.

Viking has updated the press with the latest statement:
We can confirm that as of 10am (Norwegian time) today March 24, the Viking Sky, is safely travelling to Molde under its own power. The ship is being accompanied by two offshore supply ships and one tug assist vessel. The evacuation of passengers has ended and there are currently 436 guests and 458 crew onboard.The ship arrived safely in Molde in the course of Sunday.
The 479 passengers who were airlifted from the vessel are currently on shore and arrangements have been made to fly them home, with the first passengers leaving today. Currently we understand 20 people suffered injuries as a result of this incident, and they are all receiving care at the relevant medical centres in Norway, with some already having been discharged.

According to Norwegian sources, three passengers suffered serious injuries, one being considered critical.
Arriving in Molde, Torstein Hagen, CEO and chairman of Viking Ocean Cruises, credited the Norwegian rescue team with having done an outstanding job.
As for why the Viking Sky sailed despite the weather conditions, when even Hurtigruten held their ships in Bergen and Trondheim, according to Norwegian press reports, Hagen said he could answer that question and it was being investigated.

When the ship arrived in Molde this afternoon, a reception center was established at Rica Seilet Hotel, where passengers will be accommodated prior to their transfers home.436 passengers were still onboard the ship together with 458 crew members when the ship arrived in Molde, according to local authorities. The return of passengers to their homes is already in progress. The first passengers will be leaving Molde by plane from Årø airport this evening, and all returns are scheduled to be completed by Monday(25 march)  evening.

Note Webmaster: A potential big disaster is averted. Why the captain has decided not to have visit a safe harbor in these weather conditions and how it was possible that 3 of the 4 main engines have failed will certainly be further investigated!

March 27 -2019 For the present, our conclusion is that the engine failure was directly caused by low oil pressure," the NMA said. "The level of lubricating oil in the tanks was within set limits, however relatively low, when the vessel started to cross Hustadvika. The tanks were provided with level alarms, however these had not been triggered at this time. The heavy seas in Hustadvika probably caused movements in the tanks so large that the supply to the lubricating oil pumps stopped. This triggered an alarm indicating a low level of lubrication oil, which in turn shortly thereafter caused an automatic shutdown of the engines."

The NMA has drawn up a general safety notice about ensuring a continuous supply of lubricating oil to engines and other critical systems in poor weather conditions.
This should be done in cooperation with the engine supplier and, moreover, be included in the ship’s risk assessments in the safety management system, the NMA said, in a statement. 
“We welcome the prompt and efficient investigation carried out by the NMA and we fully understand and acknowledge their findings," Viking said, in a prepared statement. "We have inspected the levels on all our sister ships and are now revising our procedures to ensure that this issue could not be repeated. We will continue to work with our partners and the regulatory bodies in supporting them with the ongoing investigations,”On Tuesday, the NMA granted Viking Cruises a permit to sail on a single voyage to Kristiansund to have necessary repairs made.

BAD TIME FOR VIKING (River cruises)
April 1-2019 We can confirm that just after midnight (CEST) on 1 April, VIKING IDUN and a cargo vessel collided while sailing from Antwerp to Ghent. No guests were injured. The ship sustained some damage near the bow and is currently docked in Terneuzen with all guests. While damage of the ship is being assessed, guests will continue with a modified version of the itinerary. We hope to have the ship in operation in time for its next departure on 4 April, if that should not be so future guests will be accommodated on another Viking Longship. Viking’s Customer Relations team will communicate directly with the guests or their travel agents. The Maltese-flagged CHEMICAL MARKETER, built in 2004, is a 134-meter chemical tanker with a deadweight of 14,298 tonnes. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

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Registered owner: Viking Ocean Cruises Ship II - Switzerland - Beneficial owner: Viking River Cruises AG. - Switzerland - Operator: Viking Ocean Cruises

Entered service: 2017 - Gross tonnage: 47.842 - Pass. lower beds/All berths: 930 - Passenger decks: 9 - Length: 228,20 m. - Beam: 28,80 m. - Draught: 6,45 m. - Drive: diesel/electric: 4 diesel engines make: MAN 2 type 9L32/44CR - 2 type 12V32/44CR - Total installed power: 23.520 kW at 720 rpm. - Propulsion: 2 Rolls-Royce integrated rudder and propulsion system each 7.250 kW.- Service speed: 17 knots  - Max. speed 21 knots - Built: Fincantieri(Ancona) - Italy - Yard no.6237 - Flag: Norway - Classification: Lloyds Register

Sisterships: Viking Star (march 2015) - Viking Sea (2016) - Viking Sun (2017) - Viking Orion (2018) - Viking Jupiter (2019)

The third of the Star class. For all  features of the class please visit the first of the serie  Viking Star
    Passenger  space ratio  all  berths: 51,44
Brief description:
Viking Sky is the third of a planned six ships (as first order more follow)to US-based cruise line Viking Ocean Cruises.It is designed to serve the small luxery cruise market, featuring a gross capacity of around 47,800t.The ship was designed as part of a joint project between UK firm SMC Design and US-based Rottet Studio.
The ship is equipped with a sauna and a snow grotto, as well as two pools and a spa; the design of the vessel was meant as a modern take on Scandinavian tradition.
Viking Sky was built in compliance with the latest navigation and environmental regulations, and has various improved safety systems including ‘safe return to port' capabilities.
Fincantieri previously delivered the first of the series, Viking Star to Viking Ocean Cruises in 2015, which was built at the manufacturer's shipyard in Marghera, Italy. The second ship of the series, Viking Sea, embarked from Fincantieri’s shipyard in Ancona last year, while Viking Sun, the fourth unit, was launched from the same site a month ago.Viking Sea and Viking Star are scheduled for delivery by 2018 and 2019 respectively.   
The ocean-going ships, which will number six by 2020, have no casino, no photographers, no art auctions and just about everything is included in the price.

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